Information is crucial in the engineering and maintenance of assets. This one day training introduces you in the world of gathering, capturing, sharing, managing and analysing the correct information. This allows you to maximize your performance in every phase of the Asset Life Cycle, by smartly setting up your Asset Data Management.

Target audience
This training is meant for everyone who wants to get familiar with Asset Data Management. Particularly: (project) engineers, project leaders, maintenance managers and maintenance professionals.

What will you learn
After this training, you will:
> gain an understanding and awareness of ADM in projects and technical management
> recognise the pitfalls and common mistakes of information management
> be able to optimise the information value of management and maintenance
> gain an understanding of information management in different phases of the Asset Life Cycle
> have tips & tricks for smart ADM

Training form
This training is a classroom training with extensive practical examples and various (group)assignments.

Training day
The training starts at 9:00 and ends at 17:00.

The following subjects will be treated:
> the role of information management in all phases of the Asset Life Cycle
> the position of ADM in Asset Management
> ADM during projects versus management
> capturing, sharing and managing information
> tools for gathering information
> maintenance information systems> document control during projects
> mastering data processing for spare parts
> information for FMECA and maintenance plans
> analysing information for predictive maintenance
> ADM best practices

Learning resources
All participants receive a handout of the training materials.

For dates and more information, please contact us.

Customized for your organisation
Is this training interesting for several colleagues? It’s possible to organize an in-house company training. The training will be customized for your organisation based on an intake. This creates the best fit for your organisation and increases the effectiveness of the training.

Please contact us for more information
Are you interested in an in-house company training Asset Data Management? Please contact us to set a date.