KIM Plus Delta creates tailored technical work instructions with clear steps and pictures with an emphasis on safety, linking the instructions with your ERP system and utilising your in-house expertise which is vital for knowledge retention and safeguarding effective processes.

KIM Plus Delta has developed an online database – Workmaster. KIM Plus Delta through Workmaster creates work instructions, resulting on efficient creation of instructions, reducing time of creation by 25%, allowing a more effective implementation of your maintenance strategies.


Explore some of the benefits of KIM Plus Delta Work Instructions

Save time

Using Workmaster to create standardised work instructions. All the information is created/updated/modified following a standardised format. Allowing information to be consistent in every work instruction.

Integration to ERP system

Workmaster enables work instructions to be utilized digitally or in a hard copy. Link instructions to your ERP system such as SAP. Maximo etc and online platforms (Lotus Notes, SharePoint).

Safety Standards

When creating work instructions individual safety requirements are populated, ensuring critical information is highlighted on the relevant activities. As well as conforming to company’s safety standards requirements.

Knowledge Sharing

The utilisation of a standardised system which can be updated/amended allowing the retention and knowledge sharing within the personnel. Valuable information is kept within the organisation.

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Online platform for creating, customising and managing work instructions

Work Instruction

General information overview is added to fields which is linked to activity plans.


The work is clustered containing multiple plans. Assisting the work to be carried out.


Tasks are included in an activity. Tasks describe what is being checked, how to check and action to be taken.

Workmaster Database

See the overview of our online database

Work instructions are created and modified on our online platform – Workmaster. The web application runs on a web server where tailored-made work instructions formats are created to fulfil customers specifications.

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