The Kwaliteitsdienst Techniek (KDT – Quality Service Technology) performs work to assess the extent to which technical installations and tools are suitable for the purpose for which they are designed.

To this extent, KDT has a number of services that are organised into three main groups:
Technical Specialism: Materials, Welding technology, Corrosion protection
Supply chain Quality Management: Technical Audit, External Inspection, Internal Inspection, QAQC
Integrity Management: Service Supervision Pressure Holders, Blast Pressure Regulator, Tank Inspection Regime, Works Arising Gas Systems, Process Pipeline Inspection Regime and Process Inspection

Executing inspections

During inspections within Integrity Management, various points are inspected by default. So far, the findings are first handwritten on a notepad. In addition, photos are made of deviations at the inspection point and the location of the deviation is indicated with pen on the inspection drawings. This takes a lot of time, is often inconvenient, and there is a chance of making mistakes when transferring a handwritten note to a digital report.

Elementen inspectie appDevelopment inspection app

In order to become more efficient, to simplify different operations and to minimise all the loose papers, the KDT department started looking for an inspection app. The requirement that was made to the app is that a link was made between the inspection point list, the inspection drawing and the photos taken. Because there was no app on the market that met these requirements, they contacted a company with experience in developing apps. KIM Plus Delta has developed a customised inspection app in collaboration with the KDT.

Operation app

Within the app, each inspection point can be completed by choosing from one of 4 choices. The list is:
– Does not apply
– Inspection finding is acceptable
– Inspection finding is acceptable, however, does not exceed the following inspection period
– Inspection finding is unacceptable. Inspection component has not been evaluated.

At the inspection point, pictures can be automatically linked to the point and the location of the photo taken can be specified on the inspection drawing. It is also possible to write a comment at the inspection point or to include a piece of spoken text.

interface pantoscoop inspectie app

Interface van de app

inspectiepunten met keuzelijst

Inspectiepunten met hierbij de keuzelijst

Foto toevoegen bij een inspectiepunt

Foto toevoegen bij een inspectiepunt


Locatie van de foto aangegeven op de tekening

User experience

The inspectors who have already worked with the app are very pleased with it. The inspection app is user-friendly and no complicated actions are needed for anyone to work with it. One of the inspectors is so positive about inspecting using a tablet that he no longer wants to inspect without the inspection app. The size of the purchased tablet is also very good, it’s nice to hold the tablet and the screen is big enough to read everything well.

The following steps are to further optimise the app. There are also possibilities to know whether the inspection app can be used for other inspection points lists.

Benefits of the inspection app:           

icoontje-tijdswinstTime gain

When completing the inspection lists, the inspection app saves approximately 30% to 40% of the time taken.

icoontje-losse-bladenNo seperate paper sheets
The tablet is all in one. No separate drawings, inspection lists and camera needed.
icoontje-visuele-inspectieVisual inspection
Systematic execution of the visual inspection with the app, so no inspection points are overlooked.
icoontje-inspectierapportInspetion report
Inspection lists are after completion immediately ready to be included in the inspection report.
The inspection app is user-friendly. No complicated actions are required.
No more searching between all the pictures.

Project details
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