Tata produces high quality steel. Some customers are only interested in this high-quality steel. The Automotive Finish Line in Llanwern is a state-of-the-art plant gives TATA the opportunity to produce more of this high quality.

New Automotive Finishing Line Tata UK

The new Automotive Finishing Line (AFL) in Llanwern has an inspection station that is able to inspect coils in an intelligent way. The line is able to find damages on the steel at the bottom and top side of the strip. A sheer is used to cut away damaged pieces and a high-quality laser welder welds the two pieces back together. The AFL also has an oiling machine, slitter sheer and many more functions.

Maintenance Design

For TATA UK we are delivering the complete Asset Data Management program within the AFL project. At TATA this program is called Maintenance Design.

We gather information during the engineering phase of the project and make it available in the right format and in the right systems. This ensures that the information is available in the maintenance phase of the asset life cycle for the years to come. We also ensure the responsible maintenance manager can find his/her drawings and spares parts easily and as soon as he/she starts doing the maintenance for the line. 

Using the drawings, we set up an installation breakdown structure in SAP. Drawings and documents are saved in the correct format in the correct TATA internal systems. We also organise FMECA sessions in which we together define the maintenance tasks and spare parts for the first 2 years after commissioning.


The AFL project is the first project at TATA UK where Maintenance Design is done for. It is a great challenge for us to discuss the options with the customer and together develop a way of working.

Project details
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