At the 44-bar project at TATA steel we are contracted to carry out the complete Maintenance Design programme. In this project, large parts of the existing installation continue to exist while other parts will be completely renewed. It is a big operation that requires good planning to fit the work into a short period of downtime.

For the Maintenance Design programme, the challenge also lies in the right combination of existing and new materials. For example, regarding spare parts, we open the bill of materials to check if a spare part is still needed for the updated installation. We do not advise keeping items on stock that the customer no longer needs, as they cost money and are wasting space in the warehouses. Additionally, we are very careful not to delete items too quickly as we don’t want to avoid unforeseen downtime and an engineer finding out his/her spare parts are removed. It’s a puzzle game that we ensure is 100% right before we make changes to the central systems.

When the system is cleaned from old data, we set up the new information in such a way that it can merge with the existing system. Whilst doing that task, we look at the breakdown structure of the installation and create extra levels where needed. This happens if, for example, a new function is added to the line, such as improved measurement tooling that was not available at first. After that, we add in new spare parts and new/updated drawings to make the available maintenance information complete again. At the end of the project the non-relevant information is deleted, the new information is added and the maintenance information system matches the real-time situation in the line.

Project details
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