What you will learn during this training in Predictive Asset Management
In this training, you will learn what is necessary to implement Predictive Asset Management within your organisation. You will learn to understand data, to convert this data into useful information by using the principles of the Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (Crisp-DM) model and to apply it within a Predictive Asset Program using Microsoft Azure.

Predictive Asset Management in theory and in practice
During this six-day training the following subjects will be addressed to create the red thread of this training and from where the theory will be further expanded:

> determining a Predictive Asset Management strategy setting up your organisation for optimally applying Predictive Asset Management
> determining the right measuring methods for preventive signalling of deviations
> determining and gaining an understanding of the data that affect asset improvement processes
> gathering and preparing this data to implement in a matching, existing algorithm
> how a data driven model works and can be applied within Predictive Asset Management
> selecting algorithms based on the data to be analysed
> converting data to an output which predicts the behaviour of assets through modelling with these algorithms
> evaluation of the results
> integration of the results within the organisation processes for optimisation of the production process
>> During the training, business cases will be highlighted to give insight in how theory is translated into practice.
>> The emphasis of this Predictive Asset Management training is on modelling and analysis of asset data.

Target audience
This training Predictive Asset Management is suited for everyone who is involved or has a direct interest in managing technical assets. Participants should at least have a Higher Vocational Education degree.
The program of this course exists of the following modules:

Business understanding
Emphasis is on:
> determining targets
> setting up a project
> determining the risks and where improvement can be achieved
> Predictive Asset Management measuring techniques

Data Collection
This module is about setting up a standardised data collection program and IT processes in order to gather and store data.

Data analysis
Exploring, describing and controlling the gathered data through visualisation and simple statistical techniques.

Data preparation
This module provides an overview of processes which must be carried out in order to clean, merge and make the data compact and informative.

How you can use machine-learning algorithms to create a predictive model. A selection of different techniques is highlighted and discussed explaining the underlying theory.

Includes evaluating the results and process carried out in order to come to a continuation.

Deploy DM Product
Treats the integration of the project results by implementing a data-product or by integrating acquired knowledge into organisation processes.

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Customized for your organization
Is this training interesting for several colleagues? It’s possible to organize an in-house company training. The training will be customized for your organisation based on an intake. This creates the best fit for your organisation and increases the effectiveness of the training.

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