Predictive Maintenance

New devices, telemetry, cloud storage and computers with massive computing power gives you more information than you can handle. Information you, as the asset owner, decision maker or maintenance manager, can use to predict the future behaviour of assets. Predictive maintenance enables you to make accurate predictions about future events, based on statistical analysis of previous data. However, how do you deal with all the developments in the area of Big Data, Internet of Things and Industry 4.0? Predictive analysis adds value to companies that know how to use it. KIM Plus Delta helps you to realise this value for your business.

Predictive Maintenance Projects

Thorough knowledge about this domain, technical material, data integrity, statistics and computer science are necessary for performing predictive maintenance. These disciplines should be represented in a professional analytics team. A multidisciplinary team consisting of professionals of your own organization with knowledge of your assets, combined with data-and-information professionals from KIM Plus Delta.
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Independent Performance Engineer

More and more information is gathered by machines. As an asset owner, decision maker or maintenance manager, you need this information to respond faster than ever to changes in production. The independent Performance Engineer considers production, maintenance improvement and response to errors and helps you to collect and process this valuable data.
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Training Predictive Asset Management

Predictive Asset Management includes processing of historical data, learning of the past and creating models. These models analyse new datasets to make predictions. The purpose of Predictive Asset Management is to learn from past events and to make predictions about the future behaviour of your assets.
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Start today with Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance helps to make the data generated by your assets valuable. Knowing which analytical methods are available and when they apply saves time and improves efficiency. A thorough insight in these models, the steps to be taken and the procedures to follow will help you get a better result, more efficiently, faster and with less problems. For more information, please contact us.