We are still at the beginning of the information revolution. New data is generated at an unprecedented rate everywhere around us. New devices, sensors, cloud applications, combined with existing systems and powerful computers with huge computing power provide data bundles with a wealth of information. Companies face the challenge of converting this data into useful information. Information that enables quality improvements, efficient use of resources and gives insight in the predictability and the behaviour of people and machines. Asset managers, technicians, maintenance staff and inspectors also have to deal with this information revolution. KIM Plus Delta helps to gain value from information in technical environments.


During the entire asset life cycle of technical installations, the registration, safeguarding and availability of the right information is crucial. First of all, the basics have to be in order. In technical environments, we think of maintenance information, systems, spare parts, technical documentation, maintenance plans, as well as project engineering administration. KIM Plus Delta ensures that data is processed efficiently and correctly.

Further, it is crucial that the data is kept in order. The biggest challenge here is efficiently managing and safeguarding dynamic data from inspections and telemetry. KIM Plus Delta supports its clients in processing this data by providing custom-made business apps, specifically for maintenance staff and inspectors.

If all data is kept up-to-date and secured in systems, the value is in converting data to useful information. Through predictive analytics, KIM Plus Delta supports maintenance teams in analysing maintenance data and translating it into an efficient implementation. KIM Plus Delta offers customised solutions and takes responsibility for the realisation of its projects within quality, scope and budget.