Jul 25, 2019 in News

The importance of technical work

Knowledge retention is an essential strategic resource for business sustainability and maintaining a competitive advantage.

To preserve knowledge within a business, the documentation of information has become a source to record knowledge and best practices through policies, procedures, work instructions, records and forms.

Work instructions preserve and build knowledge within a business. The purpose of a work instruction is to be a guide, job aid describing in detail steps how activity within a process (or procedure) is performed. The application of work instruction contains knowledge and expertise, which is ideal for training reference and an essential component of an employee’s job.

At KIM Plus Delta, we recognise the importance of work instructions, and that should guide employees on how to perform tasks. KIM Plus Delta has developed a tool to create standardised work instructions with clear steps and pictures, consistent information, simple and with relevant information, with focus on operators and with emphasis on reducing safety risks, avoiding errors and time-saving.

Furthermore, KIM Plus Delta has designed a digital APP to provide an easy way to create and update maintenance information. The APP allows the development of a tailored-made and standardised tool with a step by step process which is accessible via portable devices, on the go enabling updates in situ.

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