Jun 28, 2016 in News

Yesterday, Bas le Belle (chairman) and Niels Dry (treasurer) of the student Association for Industrial Engineering Alkmaar visited KIM Plus Delta to sign the sponsorship contract. With this, KIM Plus Delta is officially sponsoring the student Association. The mission of the association is, among other things, to broaden the knowledge of their members and to broaden the network of students. Also, new developments are being followed within the student association, such as in the field of Industry 4.0 and Predictive Maintenance.
In addition, the student association organizes lectures, company visits, study tours (both at home and abroad) and the annual Mix & Match event where participating companies and students are introduced to each other. At the bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, the design and improvement of business processes is central in order to make a business efficient and effective. By sponsoring the student association, KIM Plus Delta helps to promote the interaction between businesses and graduate students.

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