KIM Plus Delta VCA examen app

Augmented reality

In a live image, augmented reality adds an extra dimension. Grab your phone, tablet or smart glass and look at an object. The app recognises the object and adds (3D) objects and useful information to what you see. The app can be utilised in the following areas:
> Maintenance Mechanics and working instructions
> Education & training
> Marketing & sales

See some examples of augmented reality and give your product an extra dimension.

KIM Plus Delta VCA examen app

Work instructions the easy way

Are your work instructions outdated? Or do you have many work instructions left to write? This app enables you to create and update work instructions within seconds. A few of the functionalities that help you create and edit them the easy way:
> You can import your work instructions from Word and Excel
> Easy editing with the app
> Add pictures from the work location
> Sequence tasks by dragging them into the right order

Save time, enhance safety and create better work instructions by using the KIM Plus Delta Work instruction app. Read more on the Work instruction app.

KIM Plus Delta VCA examen app

Safety issue app

Working safely is one of the most important things when working in the field or industrial facility. Registration of safety issues becomes easy with the Safety Issue App from KIM Plus Delta:
> Take a picture of the unsafe situations
> Add a description
> Directly send a safety report

Enhance safety and reduce the number of incidents, using the KIM Plus Delta Safety Issue app. Download the Safety Issue app or read more on the Safety Issue app website.

KIM Plus Delta VCA examen app

Smart glass apps

Early 2014, KIM Plus Delta developed the first inspection app for smart glasses. After a lot of development, KIM Plus Delta now has some very interesting applications for the smart glasses: Vuzix M100, Google Glass and Recon Jet.
> Smart glass inspection app
> Smart glass augmented reality app
> Smart glass work instruction app

Please contact us for a smart glass demonstration and to discuss the posibilities that smart glasses offer your organization.