Knowledge & Standards

The importance of technical work

Knowledge retention is an essential strategic resource for business sustainability and maintaining a competitive advantage.

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Maintenance Concepts

Defining Maintenance Concepts
Using FMECA sessions

For correct management of physical assets and to minimise the whole life cost, determining the appropriate maintenance concepts, plans and operations add immense value. At KIM Plus Delta, we are currently working with our clients to develop risk-based maintenance plans.

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KIM Plus Delta keeps growing

March has been an exciting time for our UK team.

Continuing with KIM Plus Delta expansion; we are delighted to announce that we have moved to a bigger office in Port Talbot in Wales.

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Christmas party

As part of the Christmas celebrations, KIM Plus Delta organised a Christmas party in the German city of Düsseldorf.

It was a great opportunity to visit the renowned German Christmas market, do some activities such as ice skating, beer tasting and city tour while spending an amazing weekend with colleagues and their partners.

Also, it was a great opportunity to reflect and celebrate our business growth in 2018.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

KIM Plus Delta Team.

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Great news for KIM Plus Delta in Wales!

Today two new colleagues, Edna Thapa-Burgos and Thomas Reynolds, had their first day at KIM Plus Delta. They both start working in the function of asset data management consultant. We wish them good luck and success!

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KIM Plus Delta opens an office in Port Talbot

Since June 1, we have the keys of our office in Port Talbot, Wales. From this office we can fully support our customers in the UK. More information about our work in the UK? Please contact Peter Waters.


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KIM Plus Delta is growing!

We proudly introduce our new Predictive Asset Management consultant, Johan Koopman. Within this role, he will advise on the implementation of Predictive Asset Management on production lines and will provide our training: Predictive Asset Management.

“Predictive Asset Management strives to use the availability of (sensor) data to predict the deterioration of engineering systems. This information can then be used to optimize the entire Asset Life Cycle in various ways. In my opinion, this is a very interesting mix of (systems) engineering and the emerging fields of data science and machine learning. As a company, KIM Plus Delta really appealed to me because of the flat and transparent organizational structure and dynamic work environment.”

Johan has a mechanical engineering background with a focus on systems and control. Previously, he worked as a researcher for the Delft Center for Systems and Control (DCSC), where he mainly worked on Non-linear and Physics-Based Control. He also worked for Driessen-Zodiac Aerospace, where he was responsible for acquiring new technologies and the overall coordination of R&D activities within his department. In his most recent position at TFT-FOS, he was responsible for the development of a subnanometer displacement sensor based on fibre-optics principles.

“I want to integrate my knowledge of systems and signal engineering with the data-driven approach that is being used within KIM Plus Delta to develop a solid and practical approach to Predictive Asset Management.”

To learn more about our Predictive Asset Management program, please contact Johan for an appointment (

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KIM Plus Delta is official sponsor of the student Association for Industrial Engineering in Alkmaar

Yesterday, Bas le Belle (chairman) and Niels Dry (treasurer) of the student Association for Industrial Engineering Alkmaar visited KIM Plus Delta to sign the sponsorship contract. With this, KIM Plus Delta is officially sponsoring the student Association. The mission of the association is, among other things, to broaden the knowledge of their members and to broaden the network of students. Also, new developments are being followed within the student association, such as in the field of Industry 4.0 and Predictive Maintenance.
In addition, the student association organizes lectures, company visits, study tours (both at home and abroad) and the annual Mix & Match event where participating companies and students are introduced to each other. At the bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, the design and improvement of business processes is central in order to make a business efficient and effective. By sponsoring the student association, KIM Plus Delta helps to promote the interaction between businesses and graduate students.

Sponsorcontract 2 Sponsorcontract 1 Sponsorcontract 4 Sponsorcontract 3

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Maintenance project at Bavaria Habesha Brewery Ethiopia

Bavaria has taken a share in the Ethiopian brewery Habesha. With the economic growth and the growing population of Ethiopia, the beer market is also growing. The share of Bavaria in Habesha has resulted in a new installation, located in northern Ethiopia and recently taken into operation. This development contributes to the stimulation of beer production, which increases employment, purchasing power and, consequently, food security.

For the Habesha installation, KIM Plus Delta, under direction of Marco Wessels, started setting up maintenance for the new production line. With years of knowledge and experience of Bavaria and the Ethiopian Habesha Brewery, KIM Plus Delta has started to identify maintenance plans for the filling of this production. Now, up to 225 maintenance tasks have been carried out for this project that concern cleaning, inspection and other maintenance of the installation.

Based on standard templates, KIM Plus Delta has designed a maintenance schedule in which the execution of maintenance tasks is planned based on discipline, frequency and duration. For example, it takes into account scheduling tasks that can only be performed during hibernation hours, the hours in which the installation is not in operation. The maintenance information will be transferred on site to the local maintenance staff of the installation. In this way, the correct execution of the maintenance tasks is optimally ensured.

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Document Control at Doedijns Hydraulics BV

Statoil has commissioned Heerema Fabrication Group (HFG) to deliver the largest fixed oil/gas jacket ‘Gina Krog’ ever built from the Netherlands. HFG has commissioned Doedijns Hydraulics BV to supply certain parts. Doedijns Hydraulics BV, in turn, has again made some (sub) parts with their suppliers. The components that Doedijns Hydraulics BV has supplied are the hosereel, hosereel HPU, accumulator, flow indicators, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves, manometers, manual valves, oil hw540e, oil reservoir, cylinders, rip-out diaphragms, umbilical, multi-connectors, actuators, ball valves, hyperbaric testing and painting.

Our consultant Jeroen Berkenpas has contributed to this 1 year project. He has been actively involved in Document Control at Doedijns Hydraulics BV. Jeroen has collected, evaluated, archived and transferred all documentation between the suppliers and the customer (HFG). This includes documents such as: certificates, FATs, general arrangement drawings, installation manuals, inspection and test plans, purchase orders, technical specifications, calculations, painting specifications, etc.

Through an active approach to this role as document controller, the documents have already been sent between Doedijn and HFG during each phase of the Asset Life Cycle, or between supplier and Doedijn for acceptance/amendment. These documents have been reviewed and if necessary, returned so the changes can be made and a new revision can be created. Through this active method of document control, the documents are already approved during the project rather than after the project. This results in a faster handling of the documentation after the project.

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New colleague

Very cool, proud and exciting! Android Programmer Bart, signed his contract today at KIM Plus Delta. From now on we can build Augmented Reality applications and Business Apps for the industry in-house.

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Visit UK; Introduction to industrial smart glasses

For the development of our service and inspection app for smart glasses, Marco and Dirk brought a visit to Vuzix supplier in Oxford on January 21st. The Google Glass is too delicate for many industrial environments. Recently, a new smart glass specially developed for the industry entered the market. We had to get acquainted with it. Now we have it at the office and will further investigate the enhanced capabilities!

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New colleague in our midst!

A new year with a good start. We start 2015 with a new colleague in our midst! Mattias van Saane will strengthen our team as Consultant Asset Data Management. He has studied Spatial Planning and Planology and has 2 years of working experience. We are pleased that he is now perched at us. He starts in our back office to learn the tricks of Asset Data Management. We warmly welcome Mattias!

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