Work instructions with AR


Work more accurately and reduce errors by adding AR to your work instructions. The employee will see the roadmap with virtual display of components and equipment. For each step, the actions to be performed are projected with animations to the object. This makes it clear where a component in a complex installation is, how an action must be performed and what the desired result is.

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AR for educational and training purpose

By adding AR, lesson material is never boring. The student watches training materials with a smartphone, tablet or smart glass and accesses a world of additional information. Additional video material, 3D view of objects or expanded views add an additional dimension in the curriculum. The training or class will not only be more attractive to the student, but also the information is delivered in a more effective way for long-lasting learning.

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AR for marketing & sales

Do you want to give your customers or prospects the possibility to experience your product or service? Discover how augmented reality gives your products and services an extra dimension. Let your customers view your product in 3D from all sides or provide useful information about the product and the manufacturing process. Allow your customers to customise the product in colour and composition. Alternatively, let your customer experience how the virtual object fits into their physical environment.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality?
With augmented reality, digital objects are displayed in physical reality. Virtual reality creates a fully virtual environment.
How does augmented reality work?

KIM Plus Delta’s augmented reality solutions work with image recognition. The KIM Plus Delta augmented reality app for smartphone, tablet or smart glass recognises objects and/or the environment and shows the digital objects in the physical environment.

On which devices can you use augmented reality?

KIM Plus Delta’s augmented reality solutions are available as apps for smartphones, tablets and smart glasses.

What are the possibilities for 3D in combination with AR?

In the augmented reality solutions of KIM Plus Delta, 3D objects can be added. Objects can therefore be viewed from all sides. It is also possible to see objects in an expanded view, closer together or further apart.